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Hematopathology Web Sites

Most of these sites contain material related to professional hematopathology, mostly images but also tables and reference charts. Certain sites are more geared toward listing treatments and other resources for people with lymphoma. Finally, there are many other general pathology sites that have excellent images from other areas of pathology.
 University of Utah
A collection of hematopathology images.

 Purdue University
Flow cytometry information and resources.

 Society for Hematopathology
A good collection of hematopathology and WWW resources.

 American Society of Hematology
The national organization for study of blood science and diseases. More clinical than pathological.

An interesting collection of hematology related resources.

 Harvard hematology site.
A very good site with links to an excellent blood smear atlas.

 U. of Colorado hematology site.
Case studies.

 University of Oklahoma hematology site
Case studies.

 Cornell University Hematology Site
A fine hematology tutorial.

 UC Davis hematology site
Yet another good academic hematopathology site.

Some sites are more oriented toward people with a personal, rather than professional, concern about lymphomas:
 Cancer News
Many links pertaining to lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

 Leukemia Links
A wealth of resources for leukemia patients, maintained by leukemia survivors.

 Lymphoma Resource Pages
A large and very useful compilation of resources.

 International Myeloma Foundation
Source for information and links about multiple myeloma.

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