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Follicular Lymphoma--High Power

The magnification of the following images may vary from image to image. Focus on the relative mixture of cells with small, dense nuclei and larger, open nuclei.

Grade 1: The small cleaved cells are slightly larger than a small lymphocyte and have slightly less clumped chromatin and inconspicuous nuclei. A large cleaved cell is just below center.

Grade 2: Here there are more large cells with open chromatin than in the picture above.

Grade 3: The large cells predominate here; and in any case they have to be a majority of the neoplastic cells in a large cell follicular center cell lymphoma. The large cells may be cleaved or non-cleaved (oval). The large non-cleaved cells are sometimes called centroblasts and typically have several nucleoli adherent to the nuclear membrane. Immunoblasts, on the other hand, typically have one, large, central nucleolus.

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