Biomedical imaging is an interdisciplinary field with roots in biology, medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. It encompasses a broad spectrum of techniques and processes for acquiring, analyzing, storing, transmitting, visualizing and interpreting imaged molecules, cells, tissues, organs and organisms for the purposes of investigative research and a wide range of diagnostic and clinical activities.

Investigators at the Center for Biomedical Imaging & Informatics continue to develop new approaches in automated image interpretation, statistical pattern recognition, data mining, computer-based diagnostics, and high-performance computing to address challenges in computational biology, and diagnostic pathology and radiology.

Led by Dr. David Foran, professor of Pathology, Laboratory Medicine and Radiology at UMDNJ / Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, CBII has expanded the imaging and computational capabilities available for basic research, clinical services, and teaching at UMDNJ and The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. CBII was founded in 1996 and maintains active laboratories at the UMDNJ research tower as well as The Cancer Institute.

To see both new and ongoing areas of research at CBII, please select a project/field from below, or visit our publications list.

Recent Funding

  • 09/13-08/17
    Role: Principal Investigator w/ Joel Saltz. Image Mining for Comparative Analysis of Expression Patterns in Tissue Microarrays.(2R01LM009239-05A1). NIH. Funded.
  • 03/12-02/17
    Role: Principal Investigator w/ Jaydev Desai. Mechano-Visual Phenotyping of Cancer: From Onset Through Disease Progression (1R01CA161375-01A1). NIH. Funded.
  • 09/10-08/15
    Role: Principal Investigator. Collaborative Systems for Analyzing Tissue Microarrays (9R01CA156386-05A1). NIH. Funded.
  • 10/11-09/15
    Role: Principal Investigator w/ Joel Saltz. Informatics for Integrative Study of Brain Tumors (1R01LM011119-01). NIH. Funded.
  • 05/11-04/13
    Role: Principal Investigator. IBM World Community Grid Research Award. IBM International Foundation, Funded.

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Recent International Presentations

  • Rajarshi Roy, Wenjin Chen, Lauri Goodell, Jun Hu, David J. Foran, and Jaydev Desai. Microarray-facilitated Mechanical Characterization of Breast Tissue Pathology Samples using contact mode Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). IEEE/RAS-EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics. Sept. 2010. Tokyo, Japan.
  • Xin Qi, Daniel J. Medina, Laura Zhang, Lei Cong, Hana Aviv, Lauri A. Goodell, Roger K. Strair, David J. Foran. Optimizing Specimen Preparation and Multi-Spectral Imaging Protocols to Accommodate Automated Assessment of  Expression in Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. World Congress on Pathology Informatics. Sept. 2010. Boston, MA.
  • Patrick Widener, Wenjin Chen, Fusheng Wang, Lin Yang, Jun Hu, Vicky Chu, Joel H. Saltz, David J. Foran, Tahsin Kurc. Grid-Enabled, High-performance Microscopy Image Analysis. The 2nd International Workshop on High-Performance Medical Image Computing for Image-Assisted Clinical Intervention and Decision-Making. Sept. 2010. Bejing, China.
  • Xin Qi, Fuyong Xing, David J. Foran, Lin Yang. GPU-Enabled Parallel Touching Cell Segmentation Using Mean-Shift Based Seed Detection and Repulsive Level Set. The 2nd International Workshop on High-Performance Medical Image Computing for Image-Assisted Clinical Intervention and Decision-Making. Sept. 2010. Bejing, China.

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